Violence Restraining Orders (WA)

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Violence Restraining Orders (VRO) in Western Australia

Stellan Family Law offers advice relating to intervention orders and criminal law cases.  We provide a client focused approach to ensure your individual case receives the attention it deserves.  We will work with you to achieve a satisfactory outcome in a timely manner.

If you need a Family Violence Restraining Order

If you or your children are victims of family violence we can assist you with an Application for a FVRO.  We can help by completing the form, offer advise on the options available to keep you and your family safe, and appear for you at Court.

If you need to respond to a Violence Restraining Order

Contact us if you have been served with a VRO.  We can discuss the order and advise you on how best to respond to the allegations.  You must attend all Court Hearings and abide by the VRO terms, even if one was made against you without you being at Court.